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10 Ways To A Healthy Smile


  • A brighter whiter smile. Dark or discoloured teeth can be simply, safely and painlessly lightened, at home or in the practice, with amazing results.
  • Large unsightly silver fillings can be replaced with attractive tooth coloured restorations, white fillings or porcelain inlays.
  • Old crowns on front teeth that do not match your other teeth can be replaced with natural looking metal-free porcelain crowns.
  • Missing teeth can be replaced by natural looking dental implant teeth.
  • Unsightly or mis-shapen teeth can be disguised to blend in with your other teeth using veneers.
  • If you suffer from uncomfortable or bleeding gums, or get a bad taste in your mouth, modern periodontal treatment will ensure healthy gums and freshen breath.
  • If your teeth keep breaking we can strengthen them with crowns.
  • If your dentures are loose or uncomfortable, we can make a tighter fit or replace them with dental implants.
  • Teeth which are sensitive to cold can be effectively desensitised.
    Misaligned and crooked teeth can be straightened using modern cosmetic orthodontics.
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