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Aesthetic Crowns & Veneers

Porcelain Crowns

Traditionally, crowns have been used to strengthen teeth that are weakened or heavily filled. Thanks to new technology, porcelain crowns look and feel like your own teeth and, being metal-free, there is no dark line at the gum. Porcelain crowns are beautifully tailor made and so natural looking that they can easily be mistaken for real teeth.


Veneers are ideal if you have small, oddly shaped, chipped, spaced, or discoloured teeth. They are very thin, specially shaped pieces of porcelain which are beautifully custom crafted and perfectly colour matched for each individual exactly. They fit over your teeth and can reshape, widen, brighten and totally transform your smile. Modern techniques, often allow us to craft these ‘ultra thin’, which means minimal or no preparation (shaping) of your underlying tooth is required.

C121This lady wanted to improve her smile so that she could mix with glamorous celebrities, which was an important part of her business.

We gave her a new smile using porcelain crowns & veneers and a great boost to her confidence.


Fiona wanted a simple solution for her front teeth and gap. She had two no-preparation porcelain veneers fitted.


Melanie broke her front tooth doing DIY at home. She had an invisible repair with a partial (minimal) porcelain veneer.

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