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All-On-4 Dental Implants

At Twenty 2 Dental we have one of the UK’s most highly experienced All-on-4™ implant surgeons whose skills and expertise ensures all of our patients receive an outstanding level of care, resulting in predictable cosmetic outcomes on healthy foundations.

Implants21Why choose All-on-4™?

We recommend All-on-4™ because we believe it’s one of the best approaches to replacing missing teeth.

There are several reasons why All-on-4™ implants are different to other full arch dental implants.

Implants31Unlike other full arch solutions, there are just four implants (titanium screws) used. This is compared to the 6, 8 or even 10 fixtures which may be used in other implant cases.

With All-on-4™, we can usually replace your teeth in just one day.

All-On-4 Treatment Video

Key Benefits of an All-on-4™ Solution

  • Your implant teeth won’t slip or move around in the way that dentures can
  • All-on-4™ implants will restore the normal function of your mouth once more, meaning that you are able to eat and speak normally
  • Recovery is quick
  • Less costs involved than standard placement of 6-8 implants
  • Having the implants placed can reduce future jawbone deterioration
  • Bone graft unlikely to be required, which also reduces the complexity and cost
  • Our patients find that discomfort or pain with this procedure is minimal

Sandra’s Story:

Sandra had suffered with loose and uncomfortable teeth due to gum disease problems. She was unable to chew or eat comfortably. She was amazed that Twenty 2 Dental gave her fixed, comfortable, natural looking and stable teeth in One Day. Sandra is now delighted with her definitive aesthetic titanium reinforced bridge, she can now eat and speak normally again and has a new found self confidence.


Prof. Bourne’s Story:

Professor Bourne had gradually lost his lower teeth over time and was struggling with a loose and uncomfortable denture. He found eating difficult and the constant movement irritating. His life has been transformed by Dr. Andy Denny at Twenty 2 Dental as soon as he had his teeth fixed in One Day.

Prof. Bourne says “My All-on-4™ Same Day Teeth treatment has been life changing, I can eat whatever I want again, it’s truly incredible, thank you.”


What happens during your All-on-4™ treatment?

There are a number of stages to the process:

Initially, we will carry out a CBCT scan and/or an X-Ray to assess the current state of your jawbone and ensure you’re a suitable candidate.

Any badly damaged or decayed teeth will be removed.

Using local anaesthetic your experienced implant dentist, Dr. Andy Denny, accurately places your dental implants.

Over the following weeks, your implants will integrate (heal &fuse) with your bone. A provisional bridge is fitted on the same day, with the assistance of our highly skilled prosthetic dental technician.

You then return after a few monthsfor the final permanent aesthetic teeth to be fitted.

Am I suitable for All-on-4™ Implants and what will it cost?

At Twenty 2 Dental we offer a free initial consultation with our dentists and/or treatment co-ordinators. This initial visit will allow you to see the practice, meet the team and discuss your problems, needs and wants. We can show you how we have treated other patients with similar concerns.

If you then wish to continue with us, we can offer one of the most comprehensive assessments in the world. Our thorough approach is a signature of our commitment to helping you achieve your goals in the best way possible. With the help of advanced state of the art technology and our highly trained & experienced dentists, we have customised our assessments to meet your needs and wishes.

Once we really appreciate your long term goals for your teeth and smile and have carried out a thorough dental assessment, we can plan your treatment options and review all our findings and options, this detailed assessment and treatment planning may take up to 4 hours. A treatment fee will be applicable for this aspect of the assessment. This is probably the most comprehensive dental evaluation you will have ever had.

At Twenty 2 Dental a typical All-on-4™ implant treatment, fully restored with your definitive, aesthetic titanium reinforced bridge is £14,950. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding finance plans or the All-on-4™ procedure.

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