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Damon Braces


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DamonGentle effective tooth straightening

This modern type of Damon brace allows us to provide quicker and more comfortable treatment.

How do Damon Braces work?

The wires are held into the brackets by miniature clips instead of elastic bands. This means there is less friction between the wires and the brackets so that the teeth can move faster.

Big Damon11 225x300What are the advantages of Damon Braces?

  • Shorter treatment period – less time with braces on!
  • The teeth can move faster due the reduced friction between the wires and the brackets. This can reduce overall treatment time by an average of 4 – 6 months.
  • More comfortable treatment – easier to get used to your braces.
  • The wires exert very gentle forces on the teeth, meaning there is less discomfort when the braces are fitted and adjusted. Less frequent adjustment visits – less time in the dental chair!
  • Damon braces do not need to be adjusted as regularly as conventional braces. For the first half of the treatment, visits are 10 weeks apart, instead of 6 to 8 weeks. This means you do not have to attend the practice so often, meaning less time out of work etc.
  • Discrete and easy to clean!
  • Since the brackets are much smaller than those used in conventional braces, they are less noticeable. Also, as there are no elastic bands used that can sometimes trap food, they are easier to keep clean. *
  • Broader Smiles – The Damon system is particularly good at making “wider smiles”, by expanding the side and back teeth. This is especially a good idea if you have quite a narrow smile to begin with.



Damon Braces treatment in Weston-super-Mare, Bristol, Taunton & the South West.

If you are looking for treatment with Damon Braces in the South West Area then feel free to give is a call and Book a Free Damon Braces Consultation.

210Damon Clear

Damon Clear is part of the Damon Braces system: this innovative treatment combines the technology behind clear braces and effective aligners to produce incredible results. Like traditional Damon braces, the brace is made up of tieless brackets and sophisticated archwires, which generate forces and gradually move the teeth over time. As the name suggests, the brace is completely clear, making it very discreet and subtle.

Why choose Damon Clear?

Damon Clear braces use state of the art technology to move the teeth comfortably and gradually, reducing friction and treatment time. Normally treatment time is up to six months shorter than other orthodontic treatments. The results have been proven to be extremely impressive and will last for a lifetime. Damon Clear braces are comfortable to wear and will not affect the individual’s ability to eat or speak properly, and their discreet system makes them an ideal brace choice.

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