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Dental Implants

Dental Implants – Your Solution for Missing Teeth

ImplantDental implants are a solution to the problem of missing teeth. Having teeth missing can make us feel self conscious about how we look, and can also cause us problems in everyday life, such as eating or speaking.

We have a comprehensive choice of treatment options to ensure that, whatever the condition of your teeth, we can restore your smile and give you back the quality of life you deserve. Dentures are no longer the only option available.

Dental Implants – Your Key Benefits

The benefits of dental implants for replacing missing teeth include:

Dental implants (unlike dentures) don’t move around in your mouth once they are placed. This helps to eliminate discomfort and pain.

Dental implants can help to prevent deterioration of your jaw bone, which naturally occurswhen teeth are missing over time.

Dental implant placement does not have any affect on your remaining healthy teeth. Any speech problems, as a result of your missing teeth,should be improved.

Dental implants can eliminate the problems you may experience when eating and chewing certain foods because of missing teeth.

Replacing missing teeth can help boost confidence in those who feel sensitive about their appearance as the result of missing teeth or loose and ill fitting dentures.

Dental implants are a permanent solution for those with missing teeth.

Same Day Teeth with Dental Implants

With some dental implants procedures, you may have a long wait (sometimes months!) between having the implants placed and having the crowns (the final replacement teeth) fitted.

At Twenty 2 Dental, we’ll carry out a comprehensive assessment (including an X-ray and/or CT scan) to confirm the condition and suitability of your mouth and jawbone for implant treatment and if it’s possible to fit YOUR crowns or teeth on the same day as we place your implants.

Putting YOU First

At Twenty 2 Dental we understand that you want to look your best, eat foods you enjoy, and go about your day- to-day life without experiencing the problems that can come from missing teeth and traditional dentures.

We’ve been placing dental implants for over 10 years, changing the lives of hundreds of patients, and we understand that you may be apprehensive about going ahead with the procedure.

That’s why we invite you to come visit our beautiful practice in Weston-super-Mare for a free consultation, where you’ll meet one of our patient co-ordinators and your dental implant surgeon, Dr. Andy Denny. We’ll make sure you’re a suitable candidate for dental implants, what your alternative options might be and we’ll explain what your care will involve.

We offer you the most comprehensive dental care and up to date technologies, along side unique client services, resulting in predictable cosmetic outcomes with healthy foundations.

We can make your smile into your best feature.You deserve to look and feel good about yourself.

You can read testimonials from some of our patients here.

When deciding to commence treatment, we have finance plans available to help make YOUR treatment affordable for YOU.

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For more information about how treatment with dental implants can enhance your smile, talk to one of our friendly & helpful team on 01934 620220 or e-mail info@twenty2dental.com.

This young man was referred to us by his own dentist after an accident playing cricket left him with a completely fractured front tooth.

We were able to see Mr. H that week for an immediate implant placement with an immediate loaded provisional crown. Upon satisfactory healing, the implant was aesthetically restored with a natural looking porcelain crown, much to his relief and delight.



Wendy already wore a denture and knew the long-term outlook for her remaining teeth was poor. She had multiple dental implants with an immediately fitted full upper arch of teeth. “It’s wonderful,” said Wendy “I’m not worried about my teeth any more and I can eat anything I wish.”



Darren had his front teeth knocked out in an accident at a building site. He was able to have natural looking dental implants to replace the missing teeth. They still look fantastic after 5 years.



Charlotte was referred to see Andy to have some missing and broken back teeth replaced. She had two dental implants and some new porcelain crowns.



Celia works closely with her clients often on a one to one basis and was horrified when she lost her upper premolar. She had a single tooth dental implant with a beautiful natural looking all ceramic crown.



Anthony sings and records music, he was very conscious of the appearance of his front teeth. He had mini-makeover with a couple of dental implants, cosmetic veneers and whitening.



Mary wanted her missing back teeth replaced. She had the teeth harmoniously restored by an attractive porcelain bridge on two dental implants.



Rachael had two of her front teeth accidently knocked out by her dog. To her delight and relief she had the teeth delicately restored with an implant bridge.


For more information about how natural looking dental implants can enhance your smile, talk to one of our friendly & helpful team on 01934 620220 or e-mail info@twenty2dental.com.

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