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Edelweiss Veneers

Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers – these are brand new having been developed in Geneva and Austria and Twenty 2 Dental are one of the first practices in the South West to offer this as a treatment option – with amazing results and delighted patients!

Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers are contourable and prefabricated veneers that have the appearance and shape of natural teeth They are made from white filling material which uses modern laser technology with the patented nano-hybrid composite to give a highly glossy surface. The Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers come in different sizes which are then adapted to your teeth and smile (unlike porcelain veneers which are custom made for each individual exactly), no impressions, no temporaries, and only one appointment making them ideal for nervous patients who would like to minimise time with us, or if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for the creation of bespoke porcelain veneers.

Andy & Becky Denny at Twenty2 Dental are experience cosmetic dentists who can assess your suitability for Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers and provide you with a comprehensive plan for your new smile.

Your teeth should be relatively straight to start with to be a candidate for these delicate veneers, although they can also be used to improve darker teeth and to close gaps between front teeth. Some minimal tooth preparation is required in most cases. The Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers are very thin, almost clear so we use different coloured bonding to change the colour to match your requirements.

Never before has it been feasible to directly create the natural shape and youthful luminance of a tooth, so easily and perfectly in one appointment.

The versatile areas of their application together with their time and cost-saving procedure make Edelweiss Immediate Direct Veneers an excellent treatment option for patients seeking cosmetic improvements to their smiles.

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